Most organization are adopting Kubernetes in their production workloads and it’s necessary to aware of security in the whole cluster both in network level, application level, OS level, etc. But on this chapter we will discuss about Network Policy (Network level) to securing communication between an application in the workloads, networking in Kubernetes is really complex because we need to understand the basics concept of networking like TCP/UDP, OSI model, encapsulated network, etc. …

This is my first publication in Medium, so I want to share some tips with all of you about preparation for taking the CKSS exam. Enjoyed!

Last year in November, The Linux Foundation and CNCF added a new certification for Kubernetes topic called “Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist” which provides a security concern in Cloud-Native environment. …

Muhammad Yuga Nugraha

I work as Dev{Sec}Ops Engineer at Practical DevSecOps and interest in DevOps, Cloud-Native Security

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