• fa li

    fa li

  • Edo Maland

    Edo Maland

    Information Technology Security Consultant | Penetration Tester | Bug Hunter | Public Speakers | OSCP | OSWP | CRTP | CEH (Master)

  • Muh. Fani Akbar

    Muh. Fani Akbar

    Application & Cloud Security | Software Developer | CEH

  • Walter Lee

    Walter Lee

    Devops, SRE, AI/ML, Clouds, Kubernetes, Git, Jenkins, Chatbots. Codings for Fun ! Opinions are my own and not the views of my employer.

  • Mohammad Tahsin

    Mohammad Tahsin

    I ❤️ Python, JavaScript & TypeScript. I mostly work with back-end technologies using those languages. And yeah, learning things everyday.

  • Ryan Irwansyah

    Ryan Irwansyah

    Wanna be an InfoSec Professional | CND

  • Nova Lailatul Rizkiyah

    Nova Lailatul Rizkiyah

  • Amjad


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