Preparation to Take Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKSS)

This is my first publication in Medium, so I want to share some tips with all of you about preparation for taking the CKSS exam. Enjoyed!

Last year in November, The Linux Foundation and CNCF added a new certification for Kubernetes topic called “Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist” which provides a security concern in Cloud-Native environment. To take this certification you need to pass the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) certification, to make sure you’re able to demonstrate Kubernetes expertise and ready to take CKSS because most of the tasks required understanding the basics concept, how Kubernetes component work, and how to operate.

CNCF already share the curriculum what topics will be covered on the exam, you can check out this link As I said before, we need CKA before taking CKSS and previously I have taken the CKA certification last month in December 2020 by following available resources on google with the keyword “How to prepare Certified Kubernetes Administrator” then you will get a lot of resources about it like from the article or GitHub repository which useful to expertise your knowledge about Kubernetes and play with kubectl command.

Tips #1: Setup your playground

Tips #2: Take a course

Tips #3: Get very familiar with kubectl!

Tips #4: Make a schedule for studying

Tips #5: Don’t be panic when the exam has started


I wish you the best of luck in getting your CKSS certification!

I work as Dev{Sec}Ops Engineer at Practical DevSecOps and interest in DevOps, Cloud-Native Security

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